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Use free accommodation.

Stay with football fans near the stadium. You can also become a host yourself.

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Prepare yourself as good as possible for your away trip. Benefit from insider knowledge, shared with you by locals.

Make friends.

Expand your network. Get in touch with football fans all over Europe.

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The Platform

We enable football fans to provide and use free accommodation throughout Europe. You don’t have a spare room for guests? Providing accommodation is not mandatory. Whether as a bed search tool, social network or information exchange – how you use BEDFORAWAYFANS is your decision.

Take a look.


The personal overview with everything listed properly: Your next games, your friends and the latest action in the community. Follow newsfeed and chat. Your next journey begins here, too.

Local Information

Am I allowed to smoke in the stands? Where is the best football pub? Any particularities with public transport? Ask your questions to local members and get insider information.


Enter the place you`re going to and get an overview of all possible hosts. Select individual users from the list or directly in the map. Check their profiles and send a bed request.



Click DESTINATION and find more than 2000 clubs and stadiums. Scroll through the gallery, discover bizarre stadium architectures at exotic venues and get inspired for your next travels.


Check more than 2000 team fixtures and choose the matches you’re going to attend. The selection will be displayed as a personalized overview on your dashboard.



Each game has its own chat area. Find or offer rides and ask for tickets. Join a pre-match-meetup with other fans and hit WHO’S IN to find out who is interested in attending the match.


Fan strongholds, white spots – the map gives an overview of all members. Zoom into your neighbourhood or other places and follow the daily growth of the movement.



What was good? Something you didn’t like? Report your experiences and evaluate your stay with other members. As a guest you’ll receive a rating from the host.


Who are you? What are you doing? Tell others about yourself. Upload a photo and complete your personal details. Have you already nominated the legends for the Top11?


Your friend request has been confirmed. What happened to the bed request in London? We keep you up to date and inform you by email. That’s annoying? You can turn it off as an optional feature.


Use the BEDFORAWAYFANS-Messenger to get in touch with other members. Their replies end up in your inbox also as friendship invitations and bed requests.


Expand your network and get in touch with other users. Your lads aren’t here yet? Invite them through the site. The more members, the higher the value for all users.


I am Freddy,

the multi-purpose weapon and super brain of the whole bunch. I have a subscription to the ‘Employee of the Month’ award. Support means everything to me.”

[Freddy van Tastic, the only employee of BEDFORAWAYFANS and your first virtual friend)



From the sketch to the website

The simplest ideas are usually the best.

Like on April 11, 2017 in Dortmund, when supporters of AS Monaco needed a place to stay. Due to a bombing of the BVB team bus, their side’s game had been postponed to the following day at short notice. The help was brought by a hashtag: under #bedforawayfans the people of Dortmund offered the Monaco fans free accommodation.

This hasn’t been the only solidarity action between football fans in recent years. There was #FreeKyivCouch4Fans in Kiev and #Auswaertsbett in Dresden. Remarkable campaigns to unusual causes. But couldn’t free accommodation for football fans become standard?

We spent a year asking the question to ourselves, then started working on the answer. Another twelve months later, the first version of BEDFORAWAYFANS.COM was ready. On July 1, 2019, we went live with the site. And the feedback shows that the idea is lived. Not only as a bed search. We consider ourselves as a connecting element, we want to stimulate, exchange, revitalize the European spirit and possibly even be the spark of a new fan friendship. We want to prove that football fans are ready to manage things on their own. Don’t let hotels and travel operators decide about costs and experience of your away trip.

Connect yourself!





“Even if societies are drifting apart, I still love the European idea. And BEDFORAWAYFANS is a big help to keep it alive. The website gives me the chance to connect easily with people that share the same passion: football and travel. My trips are not only stadium visits anymore. I come as a guest and often leave as a friend.”

Erik Nygaard


“BEDFORAWAYFANS offers an excellent opportunity to find accommodation provided by like minded football fans all over Europe. Moreover, I can gain information on host cities, stadia and where to hang out. A fixtures list is also included to meet other fans who attend the same match – overall a great way to connect with football supporters who share the same passion.”

Daniel Barthold


“This is just fantastic: easy to register,easy to use and really helpful. Having this kind of support is a relief. It creates a positive connection between fans all over Europe. BEDFORAWAYFANS is a great initiative. I guess it has everything to become big. Congrats!”

Martha Gens



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